Adapting to life during the Coronavirus pandemic and lockdown of schools, at GORSE SCITT Hull and East Yorkshire we have come up with new ways to train our current cohort to ensure that they are continuing to build skills and knowledge in preparation for returning to the classroom. Here is one account from Dean Driscoll, an English trainee…

Starting this period of isolation I found myself really struggling with how to develop a very social skill (teaching) within a setting that cuts me off from all but one individual, who could imagine nothing more hellish than enduring my teaching practice.

But as the weeks are progressing I am becoming aware of the varied ways in which I can still be accessing the tools to develop my teaching: Zoom has allowed me to do training with the rest of the GORSE SCITT cohort and subject cohort, to have individual conversations with the Director, to socialise with my colleagues and continue to bounce ideas off them. The free time I have been afforded is allowing me to truly come to terms with the core texts I will be faced with in my teaching and is opening up entirely new and creative ways in which I can approach the texts with my students and, truth be told, the time away from standing at the front of a class of 30 students, that sometimes could care less about English, has made me realise how much I miss the challenge of teaching those students and discerning to them just how enriched a life can be by a grasp of English language and literature.

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