Adapting to life during the Coronavirus pandemic and lockdown of schools, at GORSE SCITT Hull and East Yorkshire we have come up with new ways to train our current cohort to ensure that they are continuing to build skills and knowledge in preparation for returning to the classroom. Here is one account from Lorna Denness, an English trainee…

Lesson Learned from Lockdown

I have bees coming down my chimney, well one bee actually but as the noise, it makes reverberates in the close confines of the chimney the cacophony of echoes sounds like a swarm. I am sat at my computer like a bargain basement Carrie (SATC 1990s reference) and find myself asking the question, why could I not come up with a comparable example of alliteration in a classroom setting? Alliteration, for those of you who are not English Trainees, is the repetition of initial letters or sounds, it is a literary device/technique, as exemplified by “Peter Piper picking a peckle of pickled pepper” or those “beautiful bees buzzing in my boggled brain-box.“  Technology has made things easier, as a previously committed technophobe this is not something that sits easily with me. Technology has meant that I can continue to develop as a trainee teacher despite the absence of a classroom to teach in or a class to teach.  With the assistance of modern technology, I can Zoom and instantly see my colleagues and they can see me, we can meet in a virtual world and talk and share ideas, technology can facilitate creativity. Modern technology allows me to draft, edit, delete, repeat and perfect and that is why I can devise better examples of alliteration. Some of us learn best by doing, for kinaesthetic or tactile learners practice makes perfect and this is one of the lessons I will take with me from lockdown into my NQT (Newly Qualified Teacher) year.

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