Adapting to life during the Coronavirus pandemic and lockdown of schools, at GORSE SCITT Hull and East Yorkshire we have come up with new ways to train our current cohort to ensure that they are continuing to build skills and knowledge in preparation for returning to the classroom. Here is one account from Lorna Denness, an English trainee…

So Many Lessons So Little Time

We eat tea, some of you may call it dinner or supper, it’s our evening meal. We sit around our tea table and talk about what we have learned that day, what has made us smile, laugh and feel happy. In the times before lockdown and isolation, I listened to tales of exceptional courage at playtime, of walking away when slighted, of doing the right thing, being a good friend and of chocolate crunch with pink custard. I thought in these isolated and unusual times that our teatime conversations would change because there would be no way of learning something new every day in the absence of other people and formal educational settings, what could replace playtime or lunch duty?  For me NASBTT Nimbl (an online training platform) is my new best learning friend, NASBTT Nimbl does not judge me for sitting at my computer in a unicorn onesie with wild unwashed hair, NASBTT Nimbl does not get exasperated when I reread something for the 10th time and talk aloud to myself, NASBTT Nimbl does not clock watch or hurry me on to the next topic. I have found my learning nirvana; my learning journey continues through Continuing Professional Ddevelopment and active questioning to year 7 transitions via whistleblowing and grey students. There are 64 learning opportunities open to me via my new BLF, watch out homemade casserole and dumplings teatime conversations are about to become epic. 

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