Adapting to life during the Coronavirus pandemic and lockdown of schools, at GORSE SCITT Hull and East Yorkshire we have come up with new ways to train our current cohort to ensure that they are continuing to build skills and knowledge in preparation for returning to the classroom. Here is one account from Lorna Denness, an English trainee…

Who’s Zooming Who?


Before social distancing, isolation and lockdown for me zooming meant dogs who were so in love with life and filled with the sheer joy of living that they had to run; they had a fit of the zoomies and it made me smile just watching them. Zooming was what Aretha Franklin sang about in 1985, it meant checking out who was looking good in a club, it was a kind of competition of coolness with Aretha as the clear winner of cool obvs. Fast forward from 1985 to 2020 and the enquiry do you Zoom has new meaning and offers a world of possibilities.  Thanks to Zoom, despite lockdown and isolation Gorse SCITT, held its first all cohort GES session, would this have been undertaken in “real life,” could we all have fitted in a venue, how would we all have got there? The logistics for an all cohorts GES session make it untenable in the real world but in the age of Zoom all things are possible and so we all gathered in Zoomville to watch, listen and learn with all of our colleagues. So now when I am asked if I zoom, I do not spontaneously break into Aretha’s song or giggle thinking of speeding dogs, I simply nod sagely and state, “Yes I Zoom, it’s what’s keeping me connected and sane in these uncertain and strange times.”

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